"I can thoroughly recommend FitForce, after trying out a couple of other bootcamps in Auckland this is definitely my favourite and one in which I would repeatedly go back to. After a couple of month's training I noticed a change in my body shape and my fitness certainly improved. The fun thing is that every training session is different. It's fun, it works, and has a small number of people so its still personal and you're not just a number. Steve takes the time to learn what everyone's capabilities are and pushes you to your limits whilst not killing you at the same time, although he tries! If you're looking for a fun way to exercise with like minded individuals, with guaranteed results, this is the place to go. Training at Eastern Beach you can't really get a better location too! Go for it!"

Rebecca, Eastern Beach


I have been attending the FitForce boot camp in Auckland for six months and have achieved fitness results far exceeding those that I had expected.  As a keen kite-surfer I already felt fit, but when training for the police selection process I needed to see dramatic improvements in order to excel and pass the physical assessments.  The boot camp training with FitForce enabled me to do this.

Every bootcamp session was different, so eliminating the boredom factor was never an issue; and every session focused on a different part of the body.  Steve is an excellent trainer and with his commando experience I am confident that he knows what he is doing.  Whilst pushing you hard, he ensures that the sessions are fun... even when at their most challenging.

I highly recommend boot camp Auckland FitForce and can’t understand why anyone would not take advantage of the free trial – what have you got to lose?  A word of caution, these sessions are not for the faint hearted, they really are for those that are committed to seeing positive change in their fitness, general wellbeing and/or weight goals.

 Matt, Eastern Beach

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