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EAST/South Auckland


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Central auckland

Tue/Thu 6am-6:45am Sat 7am-7:45am
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Mon/Wed 6:30pm-7:15pm  Sat 8:15-9am    Click here for map

Lloyd Elsmore Park

FitForce bootcamp sessions Tue & Thu 6:15pm-7pm. Contact us for info and location.

Albert park

FitForce bootcamp sessions Tue & Thu 12:15-12:45. Contact us for info and location

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FitForce provides a continuous programme to assist clients in achieving their long term fitness goals.

You can try one of our sessions for free first before commiting to us. You get to experience just how good we can make you feel. You will then have the knowledge and confidence that Boot camp Auckland FitForce is right for you.

We have 3 payment options similar to a virtual concession card as we are fully aware that life and work get in the way from time to time, though a commitment to a fitness programme is an important part of a fulfilling life too.

10 sessions concession for $130 ($13 per session)

20 sessions concession for $240 ($12 per session)

30 sessions concession for $330 ($11 per session)

Starter Packs available including FitForce Tshirt and Protein Powder can also be purchased.

(The sessions in each bootcamp package can be used for 4 months after purchase)

Casual sessions $20 each

Please contact us using the SIGN UP tab to the right or email us at info@fitforce.co.nz for information of the FitForce bootcamp nearest you.

Bootcamp Gift Certificates are available on request for all locations. A gift of fitness and well being is a perfect present for those close to you.

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