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FitForce FAB: (Food, Activity and Behaviour)

FitForce FAB is an intense and dedicated 12 week programme which incorporates food, activity and behaviour. It has been designed to make a measurable and long lasting impact on the lives of the participants, and this approach is one of the only ones recommended by the NZ Ministry of Health. Participants work together as a small but committed team, achieving the perfect balance of personalised care and attention, and group support and camaraderie. We come to you, so no time is lost or wasted, and there's no risk of missing a session.

Each week participants receive:

  • Weigh in 
  • Body measurements
  • Bodyfat measurement (using bio-electrical scales)
  • Nutrition Session - facilitated by a nutritionist
  • Recipes
  • 3 * 45 minute group fitness sessions per week - which are tailored to the individuals to ensure they all get a high work rate
  • Folder and handouts

The investment:

$1140+GST per participant (min 10 people) 


Biggest Loser

This is a great programme for engendering team spirit and a little competition in the work place. The team gather for weekly weigh ins and measures with a FitForce staff member. Each week each member gets an email with the weightloss topic of the week, which will assist them in the weightloss goals. There will be an online video talk through the topic available to all with hints and tips added. This is an 12 week programme aimed at helping participants start the process of lifestyle changes.

You will get:

  • Instructor led weigh in session
  • Body measurements taken
  • (Bodyfat analysis if requested)
  • Weightloss topic of the week emailed to all participants
  • Online video step by step walk through the topic sheet.

The investment:

$300 +gst per participant (min 10 people)

A weekly half hour group fitness session can be added for $96 +gst per person.


 This is our fitness programme alone, where an organisation wants to make a difference in the activity levels of their employees by putting in place a group fitness program for their employees at a location of their choosing. This can take place, before, during a lunchtime or straight after work. The minimum is twice weekly with three times per week recommended.

Participants are put through their paces in different scalable workout routines. These are fun sessions that challenge all, no matter what their fitness level and brings teams closer together.

$100 +gst person for twice weekly (10 sessions over 5 weeks)

$150 +gst per person for three times per week (15 sessions over 5 weeks)

(There is a 5 week minimum and 10 person minimum)


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