FitForce has a number of options available to clients to assist with weightloss:

Ketogenic Diet Plan - This is a thorough 3 phase diet that utilises techniques known by bodybuilders for years in how to lose bodyfat. This has been thoroughly scientifically researched to come up with the ketogenic plan. The 3 phases arethe initial phase, followed by 2 subsequent maintenance phases. During each of these phases (as long as the plan is followed) the body will utilise bodyfat as an energy source. For those serious about wieghtloss and who have a strong will to follow the plan, this is the one for you.

New U - This could be classed as our flagship offering as it involves accountability in the form of measuring and weighing in with a nutritionist. It also includes group discussion and nutritional education. This is an all inclusive plan and includes unlimited bootcamps with FitForce whilst following the programme. For more information click here

Basic Low Calorie Healthy Eating Plan - This is exactly what it says it is, which is a detailed healthy eating plan for up to 4 weeks, detailing what to eat and when to eat it. This is for those who have difficulty following optional diets as everything is laid out for you.


Paleo Diet Plan- The Paleo way of eating has come to the fore over recent years and  has been popularised by the crossfit fraternity. This goes back to paleolithic times  and uses only food groups available to our paleolithic ancestors.

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